Registering the VM with the Nutanix Cluster and the Commvault Software

Applies to: Nutanix Prism 6.0

You can register the VM you created using the Commvault Nutanix Mine All-in-One Image on the Nutanix cluster.

Gather the Information

Gather the following information:

  • For the Nutanix cluster: The hostname, the username, and the password.

  • For the Nutanix objects service host: the IP address, the bucket name, the access key, and the secret key.

  • For the Commvault software: The email address you want to use for the CommCell administrator.

Launching the VM Console

  1. On the Nutanix cluster, log on to Prism Central.

  2. On the Explore tab, in the upper-left area of the page, select VM.

    The VM dashboard appears.

  3. In the search box, type the name of the VM you created, and then select it.

    The VM Table view appears.

  4. In the Summary section, click Power on.

    An IP address is assigned to the VM.

  5. In the Summary section, click Launch Console.

    The VM console opens and a powershell command executes.

Registering the VM with Nutanix

  1. In the command line interface, enter information for the new VM:

    • VM hostname

    • Password

    • Re-enter password.

    register VM with Nutanix Cluster VM Hostname

  2. Press Enter.

  3. Enter information for the Nutanix mine cluster:

    • Hostname or IP address

    • Username

    • Password

    Nutanix cluster creds

  4. Press Enter.

    A script runs that connects to the Nutanix cluster.

  5. Beside Do you want to add this cluster as source cluster for automated backups?, type yes.

  6. Enter information for the Nutanix Objects Service Host:

    • IP address

    • Bucket name

    • Access key

    • Secret key

    Nutanix Objects Service Host creds

  7. Press Enter.

    The Nutanix cluster and cloud storage information are written to the Nutanix.ini file. The location of this file appears in the command line interface.

    A message appears that says Restarting the machine...Press Enter to continue...

  8. Press Enter.

    The VM Console closes.

    After the VM restarts, in the Commvault software, a customization script creates a hypervisor and assigns a plan to the hypervisor. The VM Console opens and a message appears that says the Nutanix hypervisor was created successfully.

    The Command Center opens and the Create new account dialog box appears.

Registering the VM with the Commvault Software

  1. Enter the email address and password that you want to use for the Commvault administrator account.

  2. Click Create account.

VM Table View (Nutanix Documentation)