Restoring Data from Archive Cloud Storage - Supported Features

The following feature support related information must be noted before restoring data using the Cloud Storage Archive Recall Workflow:

  • Deduplication Database (DDB) reconstruction is not supported by the Cloud Storage Archive Recall workflow. For more information on reconstructing a DDB, see Deduplication Database Recovery.

  • Archive Cloud Storage products as the source for Auxiliary Copy, Synthetic Full backups, Data Verification and Content Indexing operations, is not supported. This is because the data may be archived off and these operations are performed on low latency media.
    To perform these operations in Archive Cloud Storage products, first restore the data to the main cloud storage location. When all of the required backup data is restored to the main cloud storage location, perform an Auxiliary Copy, Synthetic Full backup, Data Verification and/or Content Indexing operation on the data.

  • Recopying Jobs on archive storage associated storage policy copies is not supported.

  • For VSA clients with V1 indexing, VM recalls from cold storage for Synthetic Full backup jobs can result in higher costs due to how the data is organized. Hence, it is recommended to upgrade to Feature Release 20 (or later) and setup a new virtualization client to utilize the V2 indexing, which addresses the data organization related issues.

  • VM replication jobs (Disaster Recovery Live Sync) are not supported.