Restrictions and Known Issues for Azure NetApp Files

There are restrictions and known issues for protecting Azure NetApp Files with Commvault. Workarounds, if available, are included.


  • Multi-node mount backup copy and multi-node restores are not supported.

  • You can browse content up to volume level only. You cannot add a folder under volume as content for backup. Modifying the path manually to include the folder will fail the backup.

  • Do not to delete the array entry after creating the Azure NetApp Files client. Even if you create the array entry again, the application does not associate array with the client.

  • Wildcard character “*” is not honored in exclude list. For example, “*” does not filter the volumes under the interface Commvault recommends you specify paths without wildcard characters like “”.

  • To backup Azure NetApp Files basic volumes, the access node and the basic volume must be of the same region.

Known Issues

The following issues have been identified when creating the Azure NetApp Files client:

  • The Azure VSA clients are also listed in the Subscription list.

  • If you use the wildcard character “*” in volume name in the default subclient, for example, “*”, the application prompts you to specify a valid path.

  • Even if you disable the All NFS shares toggle and do not select the content, the application does not show an error.