SAP Landscape Management System Database Operations

The Commvault software is integrated with the SAP Landscape Management System (SAP LaMa) to perform database backup and refresh operations. SAP HANA, SAP Oracle, and DB2 databases are supported.

Use the solution when you want a SAP LaMa administrator to perform database backup and refresh operations from the SAP LaMa console. The database backup option makes a full backup of the selected database. The database refresh option keeps a test or development system synchronized with the production system.

For both backup and refresh operations, the Commvault software performs a prerequisite check to ensure that the source database instance exists on the CommCell Console. If it does not exist it must be created before any operations can be run.

For refresh operations, the Commvault software automatically performs the following:

  • Creates the target database instance if it does not exist on the CommCell Console.

  • Creates the required data directories and files on the target client, for example, the SAP Oracle server parameter file (SPFILE).

  • For a SAP HANA configuration, creates a pseudoclient on the CommCell Console when the target instance does not exist.

  • Runs a database refresh operation that uses the latest Commvault traditional or IntelliSnap source instance backup.

Supported Configurations

You can use Commvault with SAP LaMa in the following configurations:

  • SAP HANA on Linux

  • SAP Oracle on Linux and UNIX

  • DB2 on Linux and UNIX

The client name in the CommCell Console must be the same name as the host name that is configured in the SAP LaMa console.

Required Commvault Components

The following components are required:

  • The workflow engine

  • The SAP HANA Agent, or the SAP Oracle Agent, or the DB2 Agent must installed on the source and target client computers.


The SAP LaMa configuration includes a method to register a third-party script, and then add that script to the process flow for performing a database backup or refresh operation. The SAP LaMa database operation calls the Commvault script with the selected input options.