Setting Up Non-Root LDAP Users

You can set up non-root LDAP users using OpenLDAP software. The non-root LDAP users can perform the following operations:


Migration of local users to LDAP accounts using migration tools is not supported.


  • You must use the OpenLDAP software to perform the LDAP configuration. Create new LDAP users and grant the users with root or sudo privileges to access HyperScale nodes as LDAP clients.

  • Ensure that the LDAP users are configured correctly and can access the Hyperscale nodes with their account credentials.

  • Ensure that the OS running on the HyperScale nodes is RHEL 7.9 and above.

  • Ensure that the kernel version of the HyperScale nodes is 3.10.0-1160.2.2.el7.x86_64 and above.

  • The following packages must be installed on the HyperScale nodes:

    • openldap-2.4.44-22 or above

    • openldap-clients-2.4.44 or above

    • nscd-2.17

    • nss-pam-ldapd-0.8.13