Subclient Peak Usage Report

The Subclient Peak Usage Report displays the total license usage for subclients in a CommCell environment in each of the previous 12 months.

Subclient total license usage is the total amount of data protected or the total number of entities protected, such as users, devices, or VMs, throughout an entire month. Subclient total license usage is used for Service Provider billing.

Service Providers can use this report to monitor licensing and billing trends.

Where to Access the Report

You can view this report on the Web Console for the Metrics Reporting Server or on the Cloud Services Portal in environments where Metrics data collection is turned on.

The Cloud Services Portal is always installed with the latest Commvault feature release. If your Private Metrics Reporting Server or CommServe computer is installed with an earlier version of the Commvault software, reports on your local CommServe computer might look different or calculate items differently than the reports on the Cloud Services Portal.

For information about how license usage is calculated, see License Usage Calculations.