Support for Data Domain Boost Client

MediaAgent Support

Data Domain Boost Client can be configured using MediaAgents in Linux and Windows operating systems (64-bit).

Feature Support

  • The Data Domain Boost Client supports all the operations available in a Disk Library.


  • One mount path per library is supported.
  • Move mount path is not supported.
  • As the options for deduplication and data encryption are provided in the device, these options are not available in the Storage Policy Copy associated with a Data Domain Boost library.

The following information on copies must be noted:

  • Source side deduplication is supported using the Storage Accelerator or MediaAgent packages.
  • Auxiliary copy uses the DD Boost File Copy API to copy data. (Auxiliary copy to another Data Domain, tape and/or disk media is supported.)
  • Synthetic full backups uses the DD Boost Copy / Clone APIs to copy data without reading data back to the MediaAgent.
  • Data multiplexing is not supported and should not be enabled.
  • Inline Copies and Parallel copies are not supported.
  • Install the MediaAgent package to get the Storage Acceleration functionality.