System Requirements

The following are the requirements for the IBM i File System Agent with Commvault VTL:

Operating System

Operating System Version


Client Operating System


IBM i 7.5

Power PC

IBM i 7.4 Modification 0

Power PC

IBM i 7.3 Modification 0

Power PC

IBM i 7.2

Power PC

IBM i 7.1

Power PC

IBM i 6.1

Power PC

Access Node Operating System


Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 7.2 with glibc 2.17.x and higher

x64 or compatible processors


16 GB minimum of memory is required

Hard Drive

1 GB of minimum disk space is required for installing the software.

To calculate the disk space requirements for the job results directory, see Job Results Directory Disk Space Calculation.

500 MB of free disk space is required for the log directory.

SCSI HBA connection to the VTL server to control the library configured from a MediaAgent. For more information about the MediaAgent requirements, see MediaAgent: System Requirements.


Certain third-party software and service releases (together, "Releases") may not be supported by Commvault. You are solely responsible for ensuring Commvault’s products and services are compatible with any such Releases.