System Requirements for Ransomware Protection

Verify that your environment meets the system requirements.

Operating System

The following operating systems are supported:

  • AlmaLinux 8.x
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux 7.x
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux 8.x
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux 9.x
  • RHEL 7.6 to 7.9, RHEL 9 and RHEL 9.2, and their corresponding CentOS release
  • RHEL 8.0 to 8.8 (Python 3.6), and their corresponding CentOS release
  • Rocky Linux 8.x
  • Ubuntu 20.04

Programming Language

Python 2.7

Customized SELinux Module

If you already customized the SELinux module that is present on a Linux MediaAgent, then you cannot use the ransomware protection feature.


  • libselinux-python


For RHEL8, install python3-libselinux instead.

  • policycoreutils-devel
  • psutil
  • selinux-policy
  • selinux-policy-devel
  • selinux-policy-targeted

To verify the presence of the above packages in your environment, execute the following command:

#rpm -qa | egrep 'libselinux-python|policycoreutils-devel|psutil|selinux-policy|selinux-policy-devel|selinux-policy-targeted|python3-libselinux'

For a HyperScale MediaAgent, you must upgrade the operating system to install the above packages. For more information about installing operating system updates on HyperScale, see related documentation:

Packages for $} on Ubuntu 20.04

If the MediaAgent is on Ubuntu 20.04 operating system, you must install the following packages:

  • policycoreutils
  • selinux-utils
  • selinux-basics
  • selinux-policy-dev
  • python3-selinux

Execute the following command to install the packages:

#apt install policycoreutils selinux-utils selinux-basics selinux-policy-dev python3-selinux

Folders That Must Not Contain the Library or the Mount Path

Verify that the library or the mount path is any folder other than the following folders. which have pre-configured security policies that do not support ransomware protection:

  • /home
  • /var
  • /etc
  • /usr
  • /root

Shared Library

If a disk library is shared with another MediaAgent, then you must enable the ransomware protection on all the MediaAgents.