Using a Script to Skip Manual Installation of Google Cloud Platform Drivers

Before you prepare VMs for conversion to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), you can use a script to skip manual installation of GCP drivers on Linux VMware virtual machines.

Before You Begin

Verify that the following modules are configured to be available during the boot process: virtio, virtio_ring, virtio_pci, virtio_net, virtio_scsi. Although commonly used Linux distributions (CentOS, RHEL, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu) will have these virtio driver modules packaged, you should still ensure that they are configured to be available.


  1. From the Commvault /Base folder on the FREL proxy, copy the script to the /etc/commvault folder on the source VM.

  2. On the source VM, run the following script:

    sh /etc/commvault/ / "virtio, virtio_ring, virtio_pci, virtio_scsi, virtio_net" /var/log/CVInjectDrivers.log 0
  3. Run a full backup of the Linux VMWare VMs.

  4. Perform a full replication on the GCP target.

  5. Run a planned failover and then verify that the destination VM boots up.