Viewing File Monitoring Information in File Storage Optimization

Applies to: Data source is a Windows computer or a NetApp filer where Analyze from source is selected

You can view all users who accessed, modified, deleted, or renamed a file. Modifying a file includes creating and changing a file.

The file monitoring information is also available when you perform operations such as moving files.

Before You Begin

  • Review the considerations for file monitoring.

  • If you did not enable monitoring when you added the file server as a data source, on the data source Details tab, in the Configuration section, click Edit. In the Edit data source dialog box, move the Enable monitoring toggle key to the right.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Data Insights.

    The Data Insights page appears.

  2. Under Risk Analysis, click File storage optimization.

    The File storage optimization page appears.

  3. On the Servers tab, next to the server name, click the down arrow down arrow (blue wide v).

    The data sources for the server appear.

  4. In the Data source name column, click the data source.

    On the Discover tab, the data source dashboard page appears.

  5. On the Details tab, under the Details section, click File monitoring report.

    The file monitoring report appears.

  6. Review the information on the report:

    • File Activity Chart: Displays the number of files for each event type and the number of times the event type occurred. The event types are Accessed, Modified, Deleted, and Renamed.

    • Most Active Files: Displays the names of the files that have the most activity. The amount of activity for each file is displayed as a percentage.

    • Most Active Users: Displays the names of the users who have the most activity. The amount of activity for each user is displayed as a percentage.

    • Event Time: Displays how many files were accessed, modified, deleted, or renamed on a specific day.

    • Table: Lists users, event types, file names, event times, and file locations. If a file name changed, in the File Name column, click the i to see the new file name.

  7. To filter the report by user name or by file name, in the upper-left area of the report, in the Search text box, enter the search text.