VM-Centric Operations in Command Center

The Command Center uses a VM-centric approach for all hypervisors, but some hypervisors use the Indexing V2 feature to back up and recover VMs more efficiently. In Command Center, some job types and some back-end processing behave differently because the software uses Indexing V2. By default, VM-centric operations are enabled for all new hypervisors.

Users who are familiar with CommCell Console entities should consider the following differences in Command Center:

  • A virtualization client in the CommCell Console is equivalent to a hypervisor in the Command Center.

  • A subclient in the CommCell Console is equivalent to a VM group in the Command Center.

Key Features

  • Control operations for individual VMs: back up, restore, and control jobs.

  • A backup operation for an individual VM runs as a VM Admin job.

    Commvault automatically creates VM child jobs with unique IDs for each VM, and commits VM-specific backup data as each child job finishes.

  • Enable/disable activity including backups, restores, and data aging.

  • Configure security settings for individual VMs.

  • Delete individual VMs from a parent backup job.

  • Perform application-aware backups for individual VMs.

  • Configure replication for individual VMs from streaming or IntelliSnap backup operations.