About Using IntelliSnap for Azure VM Backups

To use Azure snapshot capabilities for an Azure VM group, enable IntelliSnap for backups of the VM group.

When you enable IntelliSnap on a VM group, Commvault automatically does the following:

  • Creates schedule policies for the primary (snap) and backup copies.

  • Enables IntelliSnap for the plan that is associated with the VM group.

  • Sets the plan to retain 8 snap recovery points. (To specify a different number of snaps to retain, modify the server plan.)

With VM-centric indexing, to prevent backup copy failures and to avoid backlogs in the backup copy processing of snap backup jobs, the Commvault software does the following:

  • During backup copy jobs, if the snapshot that is associated with the IntelliSnap backup that is being processed is missing in the Azure portal, then the IntelliSnap VM job (not the VM admin job) is marked as bad and is disabled for backup copy. The backup copy processing continues with the next available IntelliSnap job of the VM.

  • When a full IntelliSnap job is marked bad, the subsequent incremental job is changed to a full job during a backup copy, and the IntelliSnap job that is marked bad is pruned according to the retention settings on the snap copy.

For instructions to enable IntelliSnap for a VM group, see Updating an Azure VM Group.