Adding an Access Node for Kubernetes

If you do not have existing access nodes in proximity to your Kubernetes cluster, you can add servers as access nodes. Access nodes run backups and other operations.

To perform reliable data management, Commvault requires a round trip time (RTT) latency of 1 millisecond or less between the access node and the Kubernetes API server.

Before You Begin

Verify that the server meets the system requirements for Kubernetes access nodes.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > Servers.

    The Servers page appears.

  2. Click Add server.

    The Add server dialog box appears.

  3. Leave Install software packages on your computer selected.

    Commvault will push the software from the CommServe computer to the computer that you are adding as an access node.

  4. In Host name, enter the fully qualified domain name or the IP address of the server.

  5. For OS Type, select the operating system of the server.

  6. Optional: Move the Use saved credentials toggle to the right to use saved credentials.

  7. In User name, enter the username of a locally or centrally administered administrator account on the access node.

  8. In Password and Confirm password, enter the password for the administrator account.

  9. From the Select packages list, select Virtual Server.

  10. Optional: In the Installation location box, enter the installation location path.

  11. Click Install.


Commvault deploys the Virtual Server package to the access node.

If you already have an access node, but it does not have the Virtual Server package that is required for Kubernetes, you can add the package to the access node. See Adding Commvault Software to a Server.