Adding an Additional OpenVMS Server

You can add an additional OpenVMS server to your Commvault solution to replace an existing server or to help reduce the load on existing servers.

Start the Configuration Wizard

  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > File Servers.

    The Overview page appears.

  2. Go to the File servers tab.

  3. In the upper-right area of the page, click Add server.

    The Configure File Server page appears.

  4. Select OpenVMS as the server type and click Next.

    The Add OpenVMS Server page of the configuration wizard appears.

Server Configuration

  1. In the Server name box, enter the server name.

  2. In the Host name box, enter the fully qualified host name.

  3. In the Base install folder box, enter the location for software installation.

    All Commvault programs, configuration files, and logs are stored under the software installation directory by default.


    Provide UNIX-style path to the location. For example, /SYS$SYSDEVICE/SOFTWARE/ is the UNIX-style path equivalent to SYS$SYSDEVICE:[DEVICE].

Configure OpenVMS User Credentials

  1. In the User name and Password boxes, enter the credentials for the server.


    The software pre-populates these parameters with the credentials that you used to access the Command Center.

    The SYSTEM user account with full privileges is created by default when you install the OpenVMS operating system. You can use any other user account with similar privileges.

    Only the files for which the user account or its group has read access are backed up.

  2. Click Next.

The Backup Configuration page of the configuration wizard appears.

Backup Configuration

  1. From the Access node client list, select the proxy client name or client group name on which the File System Agent was installed, and then click Add.

  2. To configure a backup plan, move the Configure plan toggle to the right.

  3. From the Plan list, select the backup plan to use for the server.


    The DR Subclient does not inherit the schedule from plan.

  4. If you have not created a plan, click the Add button to create one.

    • On the Create server backup plan page, type a name for the plan, then provide information about storage, retention, and backup schedules.

      For more information, see Creating a Server Plan.

  5. Click Add.


The software creates the additional OpenVMS server.