Adding a Tenant User with Single Sign-On Access (Self-Service Deployments)

After you have configured authentication for your tenant, you must onboard each user individually as either a Tenant Administrator, User or Operator. To onboard a user, you create a Commvault account entry with the required role.

  1. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > Security > Users Groups.

    The Users groups page appears.

  2. In the upper-right corner of the page, from the Select company drop-down list, select the operator for the tenant company.

  3. The following groups are created automatically for each tenant:

    • Users in the <company>\Tenant Admin group can manage all company backups.

    • Users in the <company>\Tenant User group can perform backup and recovery for specific hosts.

    • Users in the <company>\Tenant Operator group can perform management of multiple companies.

  4. Perform the following steps for each group:

    1. Click the user group.

    2. To add a user, under Users, click Add users.

    3. Select External user, and provide the following details:

      • Select the company configured external provider (Active Directory server).

      • Enter a user name for the user (matching the Active Directory user name).

      • Enter the email for the user (matching the Active Directory email address).

      • User group will be pre-selected based on the group your are modifying (Tenant Admin, Tenant User, or Tenant Operator).

To add multiple tenant admins or users, you can also perform a bulk import of users. For more information, see Performing a Bulk Import of Users.