Amazon RDS Custom

You can use the Commvault software to back up and restore Amazon RDS Custom for Oracle and Amazon RDS Custom for SQL Server databases with Amazon RDS native snapshots, database-native exports, and application-integrated streaming backups. Amazon RDS Custom is a fully managed database service for business applications that require customization of the database and/or operating system.

You can perform instance backup and recovery using the following methods:

  • Amazon RDS native snapshot backups

  • Application-integrated streaming backups using in-guest database agents on your Amazon RDS compute instances. You can achieve granular point-in-time recovery, since the database agents capture database transaction logs and configuration settings. You can recover your database instances rapidly by simply performing a database roll-forward or rollback.

Commvault protects Amazon RDS Custom databases in all supported AWS Regions, including GovCloud (US). By default, backups are encrypted during transmission (data in transit) and at rest (data at rest).