Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

You can use the Commvault software to back up and restore Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service).


Backups You Can Perform

  • Full backups

  • Incremental backups

  • Synthetic full backups

Data You Can Back Up

  • Amazon S3 general purpose buckets and objects

  • Amazon S3 Express One Zone directory buckets and objects

  • With full and incremental backups, you can back up the following data at the object level:

    • Metadata of the object

    • ACLs of the object

    • Tags of the object


    After a full backup, if the tag or the ACL of an object is modified, but the data has not changed, then the next incremental backup does not include that object. Incremental backups include only objects whose data has changed.

  • The following S3 compatible cloud storage systems:

    • Cloudian S3-Compatible Object Storage

    • Huawei OceanStor Pacific (formerly called "OceanStor 100D" and "FusionStorage")

    • MinIO

    • Red Hat Ceph Storage 3 S3 endpoints (SSL with hosted domain)

    • StorageGRID object storage (S3 compatible)

    • Pure Storage FlashBlade

Data You Cannot Back Up

  • Older versions of an object

  • Files and folders without a name.

  • Files and folders that contain a forward slash ("/") in their names.

  • Glacier Deep Archive data and Glacier Flexible Retrieval (formerly Glacier) data in the Amazon S3 storage class.

    You can view the archive objects in the failed items list of the backup job.


Destinations You Can Restore To

  • The original location (in place)

  • To a different Amazon S3 account, and to the following cloud storages (out-of-place):

    • Azure Blob

    • Azure Files

    • Google Cloud

    • Ali Cloud

    • IBM cloud

    • Azure Data Lake Gen2

  • Disk

Data You Can Restore

  • Data, along with the metadata


    You cannot restore metadata to a different cloud storage system.

  • ACLs