Associating an Archive Plan with a Subclient

Review the following considerations when you associate an archive plan with a subclient or when you remove (disassociate) an archive plan from a subclient:

  • When you associate a plan with a subclient, the following criteria in the plan are applied: file access time, file modified time, and file size. Other archiving rules are either set to default values or to 0.

  • When you associate a plan with a subclient, stub pruning options and enabling redundancy check for files are not applied. To enable stub pruning and redundancy check, you must log on to the CommCell Console and edit the subclient properties.

  • Subclients that use object-based retention criteria cannot be associated with an archive plan.

  • When you disassociate a plan from the subclient, archiving rules specified at the subclient level are applied on the subclient. The storage policy associated with the subclient is removed.