Communications and Remote Installation Requirements

During backups, application-based backups run a remote installation workflow to push application plug-ins to guest VMs or instances that are running the applications that will be backed up. The CommServe host, MediaAgent, and VSA proxy must be able to communicate with the virtual machines that run applications.

Application-based backups install the following components into the guest VMs that are being backed up, if the components are not already present:

  • File System Core package (to ensure that other components can be installed remotely)

  • Application plug-in (to enable backup of application data)


  • Guest VMs running Windows 2003 do not support .NET 4.5. Commvault packages on those guest VMs will remain on Service Pack 6 and will not be upgraded to Service Pack 7 or a more recent service pack, unless you upgrade the guest operating system to Windows 2008 or a more recent Windows version.

  • When you restore an application from an application-based backup job and the destination VM for the application does not have the Virtual Server Agent installed, the restore job initiates a remote installation of the VSA and .NET 4.5.

  • To enable discovery of applications running on Windows VMs when using a Linux proxy, install the File System Core package on the guest VMs before running an application-based backup.

  • To enable application discovery on Windows machines, the Windows machine where the application runs must have PowerShell 5.0.

  • To support application-based backups in a Linux CommServe:

    Once the agent is installed, all backup and restore processes will not change.