Commvault HyperScale X

Commvault HyperScale X delivers industry leading technology in a scale-out infrastructure that simplifies hybrid cloud data protection to provide the following features:

  • Simple, flexible data protection for all workloads including containers, virtual machines, and databases.

  • Optimized scalability to easily grow as needed, on-premise and cloud environments.

  • Trusted security and resiliency including built-in ransomware protection.

HyperScale X scale-out software provides for the creation of a storage pool for housing protected data. The initial creation of a storage pool, requires 3 similarly configured nodes. Expansion of the pool can be accomplished through the addition of individual or multi-node increments. The node configurations are optimized with sufficient resources to support all MediaAgent services, while ensuring resiliency and performance. A consolidated view to create, monitor, and manage the storage pool and the HyperScale X nodes is also provided.

HyperScale X Deployment Models

HyperScale X is delivered in the following deployment models:

  • HyperScale X Appliance

    HyperScale X Appliances are pre-imaged with HyperScale X software, at the factory, before shipping. With only network and other site specific information required, the configuration is performed at the customers' location. Commvault is the single point of contact for support of the entire stack, for both the hardware and software on the appliance.

    For more information about HyperScale X Appliance, see HyperScale X Appliance.

  • Reference Architecture

    HyperScale X Reference Architecture servers are imaged with the HyperScale X software on-site, after initial server rack and stack. Commvault is the point of contact for support calls pertaining to the software stack. For hardware related issues, support is provided by the respective server vendor.

    For more information about HyperScale Reference Architecture, see HyperScale X Reference Architecture.

Remote Office Appliance

Commvault's Remote Office Appliance RO1200 is a Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO) solution to protect and recover data wherever it exists; from remote offices to corporate offices and into the cloud.

The Remote Office Appliance enables you to:

  • Protect all remote data through a single user interface

  • Write data to cloud storage natively

  • Mitigate ransomware impacts with intelligent monitoring and alerting

  • Create local backups and restore locally for better performance

  • Manage remote office data just like you would in the corporate data center

    As a fully integrated appliance, the Remote Office Appliance RO1200 simplifies the acquisition, installation, and support that often hinders remote staff or requires expensive professional services.

    For more inform about Remote Office Appliance RO1200, see Remote Office Appliance RO1200.