Configuring Settings for a CommCell

You can configure settings that are specific to your CommCell environment from the Command Center. The following settings are displayed on the Settings tile of the CommCell page, in the Command Center.



Account lockout duration (in seconds)

Set the number of seconds a locked account can remain locked.

Automatically set customer action pending classification

Enable or disable Auto Classification of the client or subclient automatically from the SLA for the "customer action pending" classification."

Custom Sign-in Message

Add a custom text message that will be displayed during user login.

Disable geographical location tracking for a Commcell

Disable or enable tracking the geographical location for all the clients in the CommCell.

Account lockout threshold

Set the maximum number of login attempts before a user account is locked.

Default Command Center(web console) URL

Configure a default URL in a CommCell environment that has multiple servers with Web Console/Command Center installed.

Expected URL format is:


Password Complexity Requirement

Set the complexity for the password strength.

You can also add more settings to the Command Center.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > CommCell.

    The CommCell properties page appears.

  2. In the Settings section:



    Add a setting

    • Click ADD.

    Modify a setting

    • Click Pencil

    Delete a setting

    • Click delete_data_source.

Note: You can delete only those settings that were added to the original list of settings on the Settings tile.