Considerations for Azure Snapshot Tags

A tag is a name-value pair that you can use to organize and manage snapshots. You can add tags to snapshots that were created by Commvault.


  • You can only add tags to managed disk snapshots.

  • You can only apply a maximum of 50 tags to a snapshot.

  • Tag names:

    • Are limited to 512 characters.

    • Cannot contain the following characters: <>%/?\

    • Are case-insensitive.

      For example, Azure considers VMOwner and vmowner to be the same tag name.

  • Tag values:

    • Are limited to 256 characters.

    • Can include special characters without restriction.

    • Can be empty.

    • Are case-sensitive.

For more information about Azure tags, see the Use tags to organize your Azure resources and management hierarchy page on the Microsoft documentation website.

For instructions to add tags to a VM group, see Updating an Azure VM Group.