Enabling Amazon RDS Automated Snapshot Discovery to View Snapshot Detail

You can view the Amazon RDS automated snapshot details for configured databases.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Databases.

    The database Overview tab appears.

  2. Click the instances tab.

    The Instances page appears which displays a list of database instances.

  3. Click an instance.

    The instance Overview tab appears.

  4. Click the Instance Groups tab.

    The Instance groups page appears which displays a list of instance groups.

  5. Click an instance group for which you want to view the automated snapshot details.

    The instance group Overview page appears.

  6. In the General section, move the Enable automated snapshot discovery toggle to the right. This option allows to store and show the automated snapshot information for each instance, during the backup job.


    The Enable automated snapshot discovery option is only visible when additional setting showRDSAutomatedSnapshotInfo is enabled.

For more information about viewing Amazon RDS automated snapshot, see Viewing the Amazon RDS Automated Snapshot detail.