Excluding Servers from the SLA Report on the Command Center

You can exclude servers from the SLA calculation in the SLA Report on the Command Center.


  1. Open the SLA Report.

  2. Go to any of the related reports from the SLA Client Summary chart:

    • Click Met SLA.

    • Click Missed SLA.

  3. In the row for the server you want to exclude, under the Action column, click the Action button action_button, and then select Exclude from SLA.

    The Exclude from SLA dialog box appears.

  4. Select any one of the following exclusion type:

    • Exclude from monitoring: The servers excluded from monitoring.

    • Service provider action pending: The servers excluded from SLA by the MSP.

    • Customer action pending: The servers excluded by the customer.

      When you select the action pending categories, then you can specify the time period in the Include in SLA after a delay for which the server be excluded from SLA.

      You can also automatically classify the clients and subclients from SLA as customer action pending based on the following criteria:

      • The clients that failed the last job with the Unable to reach the client error message in the last 24 hours.

      • The subclients that failed the last job with the Trial Limit for the total data protection has reached message.

      • Subclients with no storage policy association.

      To use the auto classification feature, enable the AutoClassifyTenantActionPending additional setting.


      If the backup is successful, then the server will automatically be included in the SLA.

  5. Click OK.