Excluding Users as Client Owners

By default, when a user installs and registers the laptop package on a laptop client, the user is automatically added as a client owner for the laptop client and has complete access to their data on the laptop.

To prevent access to the laptop data, you can exclude the user (such as an administrator), or a service account as a client owner before installing the laptop package.

You can also use qscripts to exclude users as client owners. For more information, see Qscript: BlacklistUserGroup.

Before You Begin

You must have the Add, delete, and modify a user group permission at the CommCell environment, company, or domain level. For information about permissions, see Permissions by Feature - User Administration and Security.


  1. Create a user group.

  2. To the new user group, add users that need to be excluded as client owners.

  3. From the navigation pane, go to Manage > System.

    The System page appears.

  4. Click Laptop options.

    The Laptop options page appears.

  5. On the Laptop configuration tab, in the Laptop admins tile, click Edit edit button outline grey/gray pencil.

    The Edit laptop admins dialog box appears.

  6. Enter users or user groups, and click Add.

  7. Click Save.


For new installations of the laptop package, the laptop administrator is not assigned as a client owner. However, the laptop administrator is still a client owner on laptop clients that are already registered. To remove the user as a client owner for those laptop clients, you must manually remove the user from the client owner list.

  • To reassign the excluded user as a client owner, remove the user from the laptop admins group. Then, manually add the user as the laptop client owner from the Command Center. For more information, see Adding Device Owners.

  • For instructions to create a user group, see Creating a User Group.

  • For instructions to add users to a user group, see Managing User Group Membership.