Export the Virtual Disks

Export the virtual disks so that it can be shared with the Distributed Storage proxy(s).


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Distributed Storage.

    The Distributed Storage page appears.

  2. In the Cluster URL column for the registered Distributed Storage cluster, click the cluster URL that you need to access.

    The Cluster Watch page appears.

  3. From the Virtual Disk Management tab, click the three ellipsis ( ... ) in front of the virtual disk that you just added, and then click Manage Exports.

    The Manage Exports dialog box is displayed.

    Export the Virtual Disks (1)

  4. From the Add Export tab, highlight and select the proxy that also has a Commvault MediaAgent installed.

    This MediaAgent/proxy will be used to write backup data to this export.

  5. Click the Add Export button.

    The exported proxy(s) will be listed in the Current Exports page.