Getting Started with Amazon EFS

To get started with Amazon EFS, review the following pages:


  1. Obtain your user credentials to access the Command Center.

    Obtain the following information from your administrator:

    • The Command Center URL

    • Your Command Center user credentials

    If the Command Center is not set up in your CommCell environment, contact your administrator to deploy the Command Center. For more information, see Quick Start Guide.

  2. Log On to the Command Center by using the URL and user account credentials that you obtained from the administrator. See Accessing the Command Center.

  3. Configure the File Server application by completing the Setup Wizard for the File Servers Application.

  4. Install the MediaAgent in the Command Center. See Adding a MediaAgent.

  5. Verify that your environment meets the the system requirements for Linux.

  6. Install the Linux File System Agent on an EC2 instance or on an on-premise Linux computer where the Amazon EFS share can be mounted and accessed.

  7. (Optional): Mount the Amazon EFS Share on the Linux computer.

  8. Prepare for Your First Backup and Restore

    A default backup set, which contains a default subclient, is automatically created when you set up the File Server application. The default backup set is designed to protect all of the data on the client computer.

  9. Perform a backup.

  10. Perform a restore.