Getting Started with Microsoft Azure Database for MariaDB

Getting started with Microsoft Azure Database for MariaDB includes completing the Databases guided setup, configuring entities, and then performing a test backup and restore.

Complete the Databases Guided Setup

To add the first database in your Command Center environment, use the Databases guided setup. In the Command Center, go to Guided setup > Databases.

To complete the guided setup, you need the following information:

  • The server name

  • The host name

  • The credentials that you use to access the server

  • The packages that you want to install, such as Oracle


    If you are configuring a database that uses a pseudoclient, you must manually install the packages on the physical servers before you use the guided setup. For more information, see Adding a New Server.

Configure Entities

  1. Add an access node.

  2. Add an instance.

  3. Add a database group for content that have different backup requirements.

If you are using a customer managed key for data encryption, you must manage keys on your own and verify that the same key is used for backup and restore operations.

Perform a Test Backup and Restore

  1. Back up a database group.

  2. Restore one or more databases.