Getting Started with OneDrive for Business

Getting started with backing up OneDrive for Business includes completing the Office 365 guided setup—which helps you perform some of the required setup tasks—adding the users and user groups that you want to back up, and performing a test backup and restore.


If possible, perform the getting started process in a test environment. After you perform a test backup and restore, you can move the system into production.


  1. Verify that your environment meets the system requirements for OneDrive for Business.

  2. Add access nodes.

  3. Create an Office 365 plan.

  4. Complete the Office 365 guided setup.

  5. Add the user groups that you want to back up.

  6. Perform a test backup and restore.

What to Do Next

Add all users so that all users, including new users that are automatically discovered, are included in backups of the app.