HyperScale X Platform Version 2.2405

The following OS versions are included for HyperScale X in this version.


To use this HyperScale platform version, install the following maintenance release for the Commvault platform release on the HyperScale nodes:

  • On Platform Release 2023E, install Maintenance Release 11.32.55 or higher

  • On Platform Release 2024, install Maintenance Release 11.34.28

After installing the updates, you must download the software again to install the HyperScale platform version. For more information, see Downloading Software On Demand.



Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)




CVFS (Commvault File System)

Use the operating system upgrade mechanism described below to upgrade the HyperScale X nodes to these latest versions.

To review the release notes for the CVFS version, see CVFS Product Release Notes.

To view the list of RPMs included in this version, see List of RPMs for HyperScale X Platform Version 2.2405.