IAM Policies for Protecting AWS Services with Commvault

To protect AWS services, Commvault requires access to your AWS account using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies that are associated with IAM roles or users. The policies must have the permissions that are necessary for Commvault to perform data protection operations.

Important Considerations

  • Commvault protects Amazon environments that use AWS Organizations, AWS Control Tower, and Service Control Policies (SCPs).

  • When using resources from an admin account, you must add JSON permissions to admin and tenant accounts.

    The permissions that are required depends on the operations that you want to perform.

    To restrict operations, you can remove individual permissions from the IAM policy.

  • When implementing the IAM policies, validate their operation using IAM Access Analyzer and the steps in Troubleshooting AWS Organizations policies. When implementing changes to IAM policies in environments that are governed using SCPs, run backup and recovery tests to verify that the results are as expected.

IAM Policies

AWS service to protect

IAM policies

Amazon EC2

Amazon RDS


Amazon Redshift


Amazon DocumentDB


Amazon DynamoDB


Amazon S3 on Outposts


Amazon EC2 with databases, file systems, and application agents


In the AWS documentation, see the following: