Metrics Reporting

You can use Metrics Reporting to monitor the performance of multiple CommCell environments from a single interface. You can also use Metrics Reports to view historical and trending data from the CommServe computer. Metrics Reports are available on the Command Center and the Web Console with Private Metrics Reporting and on the Cloud Services Portal with Cloud Metrics Reporting.

A database account with read-only permission collects the data from the database to protect against modification or elimination of data.

Private Metrics Reporting

Private Metrics Reporting offers a way for you to view Metrics Reports in your own network. The Private Metrics Reporting Server must collect data from each CommServe computer in your environment. If you have multiple CommServe computers in your environment, then you must configure data collection for each CommServe computer. If you install the Private Metrics Reporting Server and CommServe software on the same computer, data collection is automatically configured.

Cloud Metrics Reporting

Cloud Metrics Reports offer a way to view Metrics Reports without having to host a Private Metrics Reporting Server. If you want to view reports on the Cloud Services Portal, you must register your product and create a login account. Data collection for Cloud Metrics Reporting is configured by default on each CommServe computer when you install the CommServe software.

For more information about what data is collected, where the data is sent, how much data is collected, how much memory is used, and who can see the collected data, see Security for Cloud Metrics Reporting.


Deploying the Metrics Reporting feature is a process with multiple steps. Whether you are installing Metrics Reporting for the first time or moving your Metrics Reporting Server to a new machine, deployment includes a number of tasks.

For more information, see Getting Started with Metrics Reports.


You can access the Metrics Reports feature on the Command Center, the Web Console, and the Cloud Services Portal.

In Managed Server Provider (MSP) environments, Metrics Reports are available at the MSP level. For more information about multi-tenancy, see Multi-Tenant Environment.

For more information about accessing reports, see the following topics: