New Features for CommCell Management in 11.16

Configure the Backup Blackout Window for a Company

Tenant administrators and service providers can define blackout window rules for a company to prevent backup operations from running during certain time periods of the day.

When blackout windows are configured, operations that would start within the blackout window parameters go into a queued state (rather than a pending state). After the blackout window ends, the queued operations automatically resume.

For more information, see Creating an Blackout Window for a Company.

Opening the CommCell Console with a JAR File

You can access the CommCell Console remotely from any computer using a JAR file as an alternative to using the web-based CommCell Console or the Java Web Start application. You can configure the software to remember the CommCell information that you enter, and then access the CommCell Console automatically. You can also select the CommCell from the list of CommCell environments that you accessed before.

For more information, see Opening the CommCell Console with a JAR File.

Single Sign-On for Identity Providers Using CAS Authentication

You can integrate supported web applications that use the Central Authentication Service (CAS) protocol with Commvault to enable single sign-on (SSO) to Commvault web applications.

CAS is a protocol for single sign-on used by some third-party web applications, such as Huawei FusionCloud. After configuring SSO for CAS authentication, users can log in to their Huawei FusionCloud, and then access Commvault web applications without the need to sign in again.

Key Features

  • Eliminate multiple logins: With single sign-on, users can log on to a third-party web service, and use that authentication to access the Commvault web services (such as the Web Console and the Command Center) without having to sign in again.

  • Integration with more identify providers: In addition to other authentication protocols, you can configure single sign-on for CAS-based identity providers, such as Huawei FusionCloud.

For more information, see CAS Integration.