New Features for CommCell Management in Commvault Platform Release 2022E

Associating a Server Plan with Subclients Using Plan Rules

You can assign a server plan by using a plan rule to discover subclients that do not have a server plan or a storage policy. Plan rules contain criteria that determine which server plan to assign to a subclient. You can specify whether to assign plans manually or automatically.

For more information, see Plan Rules.

Support for Association of Region-Based Storage Plan for New Workloads

Support for association of region-based storage plan is extended to multiple workloads such as infrastructure clients, physical clients, and on-premises pseudoclients. By default, the Commvault software assigns the physical location to a workload as a workload region. If a workload is associated with a region-based storage plan, the backup destination region is determined and visible to users on the Overview tab of the workload page.

For more information, see the following topics:

Secure LDAP Connection for an Active Directory Through a Commvault LDAP Gateway

When the CommServe server or the Web Server does not have connectivity to the Activity Directory server, create a secure LDAP connection through a Commvault LDAP gateway.

For more information, see the following topics:

Logging On to the CommCell Console with a Browser

When modern authentication protocol (such as SAML or Okta) is configured in your CommCell environment, you can automatically log on to the CommCell Console with a browser using the Command Center credentials.

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