Nutanix Files Exported to NFS

You can back up Network File System (NFS) exports on a Nutanix array.

You install the Commvault software on all or a few of the Linux computers that have access and permissions to the Nutanix Files data on the Nutanix file server. These nodes are referred to as access nodes. Commvault uses the NFS protocol to access NFS exports over the network. During backup and restore operations, the access nodes facilitate data movement from the array to the backup media.

NFS Versions

The following versions of NFS are supported:

  • NFSv3

  • NFSv4

Auto-Mount and Mount Formats

Review the considerations for the auto-mount and mount formats.

For the default subclient, you can use either the auto-mount format or the mount point format.


After you specify the content for the default subclient, do not change the format.