Offline Replication of Snapshots for Azure NetApp Files

The offline replication of snapshots for the Azure NetApp Files volumes, also called the Azure NetApp Files snapshot replication feature, allows users to view and monitor status of the cross-region snapshot replication. When you perform a snapshot backup operation, the Commvault software creates a snapshot on the source volume. Azure NetApp Files replicates snapshots from source volume in one region to the destination volume (replication volume) in another region based on the pre-defined replication schedule set on the replication volume.

To monitor status of the snapshot replication, you can click View Jobs on the mirror copy of the server plan associated to the subclient. Ensure that the auxiliary copy operation runs after the Azure NetApp Files replication job is complete. For information on how to track status of auxiliary copy job, see the Jobs page.


  • Azure NetApp Files supports only the mirror copy replication (offline replication).

  • The retention period of the mirror and the primary snapshot copies will be same.

  • You can use snapshots on the mirror copy to perform restore operations and backup copy operations.

  • Snapshot revert operation is not supported from the mirror copy.

Supported Agents

The Azure NetApp Files snapshot replication feature is supported for the following:

  • Common Internet File System (CIFS) / Server Message Block (SMB)

  • Network File System (NFS)