Post-Conversion Tasks

To enable converted UNIX guest instances to launch, select a boot option such as rescue mode, which uses an initrd with a large set of commonly used drivers.

In some cases the guest instance might enter maintenance mode and fail to start, even after selecting rescue mode. In such cases, perform the following steps on the converted guest instance:

  1. While in maintenance mode, run the following command to rebuild the initrd file:

    mkinitrd -f -v /boot/initrd-$(uname -r).img $(uname -r)


    If the kernel version of the default boot option is different from the version of the rescue mode kernel, use the kernel version of the default boot option instead of $\(uname \-r\).

  2. Restart the guest instance.


For guest instances that do not have a rescue grub entry, perform the preceding steps on the source VM to re-create the initrd file, and then repeat the conversion.