Prerequisites for Distributed Storage

Verify the following prerequisites needed to setup Distributed Storage as a backup target in Commvault software.

Storage Servers

  • Hedvig software version 4.2.1 (or later).

  • Hedvig software is supported on CentOS 7.x and RHEL 7.x.

    Install the minimal version (7.7, as of this Hedvig release) of the CentOS on the storage nodes.

  • RHEL requires a valid subscription to RHEL server repositories.

Deployment Server

  • An esx/hyperv/kvm for importing the OVA file to create the deployment VM.

  • An Ansible Configuration File. There are sample Ansible files in /opt/hedvig/samples on the Hedvig Deployment Server (after extracting hedvig_extract.bin).

    Contact Commvault to get an Ansible Configuration File customized for your environment.

CommServe Version

Commvault V11 with Service Pack 18 and Hot Fix Pack 5 (or a more recent version).

Password Requirements

Root password is required to deploy both the Hedvig Storage nodes and the Hedvig Proxies.

Network Requirements

All the storage nodes and the MediaAgents / Proxies must have static IP addresses, and the mapping from IP to hostname be updated in /etc/hosts even if DNS resolution is available.

Storage proxies are configured with 2 ethernet interfaces and run as an HA pair (except for storage proxies that are used for object storage). For failover to work correctly, a public VIP address and a private VIP address are required for the ethernet interfaces.