Protecting Amazon EKS Data in AWS Outposts

Commvault protects Amazon EKS instances in AWS by using both CSI (preferred) and non-CSI drivers.

Currently, AWS Outposts supports only the EBS CSI driver. For more information, go to the Amazon EBS documentation site.

You must configure the AWS Outposts-hosted EKS cluster and the application group to protect the EKS application.

What Gets Backed Up

  • All Kubernetes API resources for a given application and the associated data

  • PVC-based storage volumes only

  • YAML Manifest files associated with the application (including secrets, custom resource definitions, services)

What Does Not Get Backed Up

  • kube-system namespace

Amazon EKS Configuration

  • Register the Kubernetes cluster in the Command Center by using the API server end-point and a service account. Add the application group, and then select the applications and volumes that you want to back up.

    For more information, see Kubernetes Configuration.

Amazon EKS Backup

  • Back up Kubernetes applications and data volumes that are included in the application group of the Kubernetes cluster.

    For more information, see Kubernetes Backups.

Amazon EKS Restore

  • You can perform restores at different granular levels such as application and data, data volumes, or data (folders and files) from within the volume. You can restore to different volumes, applications, or clusters.

    For more information, see Kubernetes Restores.