Reference Architecture of AWS Outposts

The following diagram shows the high-level integration of Commvault components in the architecture of AWS Outposts.

Single Outpost Deployment

Diagram 1. Extending Amazon region into data center with AWS Outposts.

Architecture of AWS Outposts (1)

The Outpost is an extension of the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in the local region, it is simply another private subnet where you can deploy EC2, RDS and EKS instances.

A Commvault CommCell consists of a CommServe (command and control) and access nodes. Access nodes are responsible for capturing data for protection and writing to backup destination (i.e., S3 cloud libraries).

To protect your AWS Outposts-hosted EC2, RDS, or EKS infrastructure, you can have the access node residing within AWS Outposts or in AWS public region.


Commvault recommends EC2/EBS/RDS snapshot protection to occur on access nodes within the region. Protection of RDS databases using dump/export, and EKS container protection must utilize access nodes within the AWS Outposts.

CommServe computers and access nodes can be grouped for high-availability and load-balancing within a single availability zone (AZ) or spanning AZs.

Multi Outpost Deployment

The following architecture diagram shows the most common deployment for a Commvault and AWS Outposts deployment. The customer extends their AWS VPC on-premises with an additional private subnet that hosts their EC2, RDS, and EKS workloads. Commvault access nodes are deployed into this subnet, to coordinate and transfer unique data back to the region or within storage.

In this scenario, the customer is utilizing CommServe LiveSync For High Availability Disaster Recovery replication to allow the AWS Outposts to be a DR destination for the CommServe. The Commvault CommServe (primary) may be hosted with the Outposts or within region.

Additionally, access nodes might be deployed in groups (within Outposts, or across Outposts) for localized resilience from an individual access node or Outposts outage.

Diagram 2. Extending Amazon region into data center with multiple AWS Outposts and stretch availability (CommServe DR).

Architecture of AWS Outposts (2)