Supported Cloud Storage Features

All the storage related features available in the Commvault software are supported for Cloud Storage.

However, the following exceptions should be noted.



Life Cycle Policies

Not Recommended

Configuring Life Cycle Policies provided by cloud vendors is not recommended if Combined Storage Class is available.

Auxiliary Copy and Synthetic Full backup operations in Archive Cloud Storage products

Archive Cloud Storage products as the source for Auxiliary Copy, Synthetic Full backups, Data Verification and Content Indexing operations, is not supported. This is because the data may be archived off and these operations are performed on low latency media.
To perform these operations in Archive Cloud Storage products, first restore the data to the main cloud storage location. When all of the required backup data is restored to the main cloud storage location, perform an Auxiliary Copy, Synthetic Full backup, Data Verification and/or Content Indexing operation on the data.

Deduplication Database (DDB) reconstruction

DDB reconstruction is not supported by the Cloud Storage Archive Recall workflow. For more information on reconstructing a DDB, see Deduplication Database Recovery.