System Requirements for Live Mount for Azure

Verify that your environment meets the requirements for the live mount feature for Azure.

  • You can use live mount in the following environments:

    • Hyper-V Server 2022

    • Hyper-V Server 2019

    • Hyper-V Server 2016

    • Hyper-V Server 2012 R2

  • The destination Hyper-V VM must be in an Azure environment.

  • For best results, the host Hyper-V VM must have at least 8 CPU cores and 32 GB of RAM.

  • The live mount feature uses a 3dfs cache on the MediaAgent that performs the live mount. For each live mount job, the 3dfs cache requires at least as much free space as the larger of the following values:

    • 20 GB

    • 15% of the total VM size (the sum of the sizes of all VM disks) + the expected writes to disks during the live mount + the space required for an OS boot

  • You must install the MediaAgent package on the Hyper-V host VM.