System Requirements for NFS Exports of Azure NetApp Files

Verify that your environment meets the system requirements for NFS exports of Azure NetApp Files (ANF).

Supported NFS Versions

  • NFSv3

  • NFSv4.1


Ensure that the managed identities for Azure resources service is running.

Operating System

Network Share Backup NFS (UNIX File System)

Operating system

Processor architecture

Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 8.x with glibc 2.28.x


Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 7.x with glibc 2.17.x or a more recent version

  • x86

  • x64

  • PowerPC

  • ARM64

  • Compatible processors

For IntelliSnap Backups

  1. On the VM, which runs IntelliSnap operations, enable managed identity access.

  2. On the resource groups for the Azure VM (access node), set one of the following roles:




    • Set the Contributor role for the resource groups that are associated with the following:

      • A NetApp account of the ANF storage volume.

      • The virtual network to which the ANF volume is connected.


    • Define a custom role to perform IntelliSnap backup and restore operations with ANF volumes, instead of using the Contributor role:

      • Download the CustomRoleDefinition.json file.

        This role contains the limited permissions needed to perform backup and restore operations with ANF.

      • In the CustomRoleDefinition.json file, update #SubscriptionId# and #ResourceGroupName# in the following entry:

        assignableScopes": ["/subscriptions/#SubscriptionId#/resourceGroups/#ResourceGroupName1#

        For more information about creating a custom role, go to Azure Custom Roles on the Microsoft documentation website.

  3. Optional: If you are going to use a proxy computer for the backup copy, then do the following:

    • On the proxy computer, set the contributor role.

    • Ensure that the proxy computer is either connected to the same virtual network as the source ANF volume or to a virtual network which is peered to the virtual network on which the source ANF volume is attached.

  4. Optional: You can configure snapshot configuration properties for ANF.