Uploading the Commvault Plug-In for Nutanix Mine

Applies to: Nutanix Prism 6.0

You can upload the Nutanix Mine All-in-One Image in Nutanix Prism.


  1. On the Nutanix cluster, log on to Prism Central.

  2. In the upper-left area of the page, click Upload OVA.

    The Upload OVA dialog box appears.

  3. Select OVA file, and then select the cluster where you want to upload the Commvault OVA.

  4. Enter a name for the Commvault OVA.

  5. Click Upload, and then specify the location where you saved the Commvault OVA.

  6. Click Upload.

    The upload process begins.

  7. Click the Continue in Background button.

    A message appears that says the upload completed successfully and the Commvault Plug-In for Nutanix Mine appears in a list on the VM dashboard.

Uploading an OVA (Nutanix Documentation)