Using a Script to Prepare VMs for Conversion to Google Cloud Platform

You can use a PowerShell script to automatically prepare VMs for conversion to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This script installs GCP drivers on Windows VMware virtual machines.

Before You Begin

  • Ensure that the Windows VMware VM has PowerShell installed, and that you have administrator privileges.


  1. Download the CVInstallGCPDrivers.ps1 script from the Commvault Store.

  2. Run the following script:

    \CVInstallGCPDrivers.ps1 "C:\CVDrivers"
  3. Copy the folder C:\CVDrivers to the source VM.

  4. Run the following script:

    PS \CVInstallGCPDrivers.ps1 "C:\CVDrivers" install - Install drivers from the location "C:\CVDrivers"
  5. Run a full backup of the Windows VMWare VMs.

  6. Perform a full replication on the GCP target.

  7. Run a planned failover and then verify that the destination VM boots up.