Export Media - Getting Started

The Export Media Wizard provides the capability to quickly export one or more media from a library. This wizard is useful if you know the library containing the media you wish to export, as well as the media to be exported. You can choose to export media using one of the following methods:

  • Using the Vault Tracker feature, which provides all the options you need create tracking policies.
  • From a list of available media in the library, from which you can select the appropriate media to be exported. The media will then be automatically placed in the appropriate mail slot for removal.

The Export Media Wizard is accessible at the Library and Media in Library levels in the CommCell Console.

Use the Export Media Wizard to export one or more media from a library. Use this wizard when you know the location of the media.


From the CommCell Browser, expand Storage Resources | Libraries.

  1. Right-click the appropriate tape library, and then click Export Media.
  2. On the Export Media page, choose how you want to export media:
    •  Click Yes, to use Vault Tracker to manage media that are removed from a library and stored in offsite locations.

      For more information, see Vault Tracker.

    • Click No, to export media without using Vault Tracker.
  3. On the Select the media you want to export page, select the appropriate media to be exported.
  4. Select the New Export Location check box and select a location from the list to set as an export location for the media and click Finish.

    Note: Depending on the library, when you export multiple media, you must open the mail slot and remove each media individually as it is delivered. You must do this even if the mail slot can hold multiple media. If you fail to remove media within the export timeout period, the operation stops and a message is logged in the Event Log to report the failure.

Related Topics

  • Export a Specific Media option allows you to immediately export specific media if you know the media is available in the library.
  • You can also export media using the Vault Tracker feature. This option is useful if you want to export media based on criteria and/or you want to schedule the export media operation.

Last modified: 3/1/2018 8:26:42 PM