Chain of Custody for Seismic Files

To create a chain of custody for your SEG-Y data files, you can add a watermark to each file. After the watermarked files are sent to customers, the customers can validate the files using a validation tool.


  1. From your Web Console, import the Seismic Files Dashboard app from the Commvault Store.

    The app includes the Seismic Files Dashboard Report, the Chain of Custody workflow, and the CVSegyTool.exe tool (validation tool).

    For information about importing apps, see Importing an App.

  2. From the Web Console Analytics dashboard, add a data source for the SEG Y data file (.segy) and crawl the data.
  3. From the Web Console Reports dashboard, open the Seismic Files Dashboard report, and submit a watermark request.
  4. After the watermark process is complete, you will receive an email that includes links to the watermarked files.
  5. Optional: Use the validation tool to test that the files are watermarked.
  6. Distribute the watermarked files and the validation tool to your customers.

Last modified: 10/17/2018 6:26:21 PM