HBase Configuration

To manage HBase data, after installing the Commvault software on the data access nodes, you must configure a pseudoclient, an instance, and a backup set.

Pseudoclients, Instances, and Backup Sets

A pseudoclient is a logical CommCell entity that represents one or more Hadoop clusters. When you create a pseudoclient, a user-defined instance, and a backup set, which contains a default subclient, are automatically created.

Each instance represents a Hadoop cluster. The user-defined instance backs up all the HBase data on a Hadoop cluster. When you create an instance, you must select one of the data access nodes as a master node.

For more information about creating a pseudoclient, see Creating a Pseudoclient for Hadoop.

Backup Sets

Hadoop supports user-defined backup sets for each Hadoop App. For example, you can create a backup set for HBase App.


With HBase, you can use only default subclients. The default subclient protects the entire HBase namespace, which contains all tables.

The data access nodes that you configured at the instance level are associated with the default subclient by default. You can change the data access nodes that are associated with the subclient.

Last modified: 2/15/2019 12:06:22 PM