Exchange Agents

The following new features were added to the current software release.

Exchange Mailbox Agent

Clean Up Job Results Directories

The Exchange Mailbox client has its own job results directory. Within that directory, there are individual job results subdirectories for each job, and each subdirectory is named based on the job ID. Every seven days, subdirectories that are older than 180 days are pruned. The value of 180 days is the default value. You can change how long the subdirectories are kept before they are pruned.

For more information, see Cleaning Up Job Results Directories for the Exchange Mailbox Agent.

Configure Support for Office 365 Using Exchange Online in China or Germany

If your Office 365 Exchange Online environment is in China or Germany, you must configure your environment before you create the Exchange Mailbox client.

For more information, see Configuring Support for Office 365 with Exchange in China or Germany.

Restore Messages to a PST File for ContentStore Mailbox Messages

You can restore messages that were archived using the ContentStore Mailbox as PST files.

For more information, see Restoring Messages to a PST File Using the Exchange Mailbox Agent.

Retention Tags

You can use retention tags to configure message-level retention based on compliance and retention policies. Retention tags control how long various messages are stored on the Exchange server. Administrators can apply retention tags to entire mailboxes and to individual default folders. Users can apply retention tags to individual message and to any folders that the user created.

For more information, see Retention Tags.

View Details After Running an Operation

After you run an operation on a User Mailbox or Journal Mailbox subclient, you can view the job history for that operation. This provides you with information about which jobs completed, completed with errors, failed, or were killed.

To see the details about the results of an job, you can do the following:

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